Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Elder D 11/12/2012 Letter- "We're at 409"

Good day Kennewick.

So this past week has not been very successful. We have yet to meet with Amanda, our new investigator. Corda Lou and Verne Hansford, the past former investigators, have not gone to church yet. And no one else wanted God's blessings for some reason. CURSE YOU SATAN!!!!! He's working hard in this area  but we keep fighting. 
The mission goal for this year has been for 500 baptisms. We're at 409. That's 409 of God's children who have accepted the restored church of Jesus Christ and His gospel. The same church He set up when He was on the earth 2000 years ago. 
I love Ohio and I love this mission. The weather's been kinda buggin but it don't bother me. I got me a fancy coat to last it.
That should do it. I love you Kennewick. please write me some letters. 

Elder Ephraim Kade DeCoursey. Signing out.

Emails back and forth from Elder DeCoursey:

I'm writting a letter to each member of the family whenever I find time to do it. I will have more time today hopefully. I just got to the library after a lunch with a part member family. I don't have their address but they are wonderful people. I can see him getting baptized before I leave the area. It will happen. We had Tai food. Better than I expected. 
Right now, it is raining. It was really nice this past week but I think the weather will be getting worse from this point on. 
If you got my letters, then you should know that I have a gift for you. It will be coming with the letters that I will send within 2 weeks. I think it should be much faster than it is. 
Anyway I'm going to send Amicherie my weekly letter so you can know all about that now. If you're on, please write me back as soon as you can. I can only be on for an hour at a time and I've only got 2 times a day to be on.
I love you.

Jodi Dr is the exact address that I live on. But basically you know where I am. And my library is on Dayton-Xenia Rd. It's about a mile or 2 from the apartment but it's a good downhill bike ride there. It's the ride up that's the fun part.
I visit the Pearce's quite a bit because (1) They're a wonderful family, and (2) they have a cello!! She's the lady that wants to learn from me on how to play it. They love having us over and here's their address so you can see where I go every week.
The Hinrichsen's are the coolist people I've met here in Ohio. They helped us fix our toilet when it broke on us. Spend all day with us to do it to. They are recently married and he remindes me of Tony Stark. That's how's cool he is. I just learned in the ward council that they were less active for a few years. It really surprised me. Anyway here is their address if you want to look at it too.