Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sister D 2.18.13 "His whole countenance changed"


Wow, you and dad look so happy in all those pictures. But Dad, your facial hair.... is interesting....? I'm not quite sure to respond to that. But you both look like you had a great time so that's awesome. Louie looks happy as always and keep up the good work both of you boys. I'm sure you will do great in school. Yay passing high school!

Anyways, I have been moved to Dinkytown and it is seriously the best. I have loved being around all of the student here. We go out "contacting" everyday. Which is pretty much just us walking around talking to whoever will talk with us. It has been really interesting learning about others religions and seeing how that faith has helped them in their lives. It has strengthened my faith to know that God has once again but on this earth His church. I have seen many people find so much joy in this gospel that it only makes sense that we would want to share it with everyone that is around us so that they can have that same thing too.

We are teaching quite a few people. Two of them are getting
baptized on March 2nd! Chedan is from India and has the most amazing faith. He is getting his PhD in Computer Science. All of our meetings with him are so great. Mostly because he asks such interesting deep questions that make it a joy to help him find the complete truth. For example, he asked us "why did Jesus have to suffer so much and why did he have to leave us?" These were asked with such sincere intent that the Spirit flooded the room. We were able to share with him the Plan of Salvation and how through Christ's suffering or Atonement he was able to understand everything that we go through. We shared Alma 7 with him and his whole countenance changed. He told us that he has been puzzled over those questions for years and has asked many different churches but no one has told him why until he asked us. He is basically awesome.

Wei is 18 and is from China. She has had experiences with Christian churches before but never our church. She has taught me so much about the lessons that we have to teach her. She is able to come up with answers that make it seem like she has been a member her whole life. I can't really think of an example...just take my word for it.

I'm not planning on being here in Dinkytown after this transfer is over. So, I'm making the most of the time that I have here. So far, it has been a breath of fresh air and I love my new companion. She is from North Carolina and is super great. Her name is Sister Morgan. She has been in Dinkytown for the last six months. Like I said, I'm not planning on staying here which means I will have to pack up my stuff again. :(

Happy Late B-day to Grandma Brown and Aunt Tracy! Love you both!

Love from the slightly frozen,

Sister D

Letter from home 2.18.13

Hello my missionaries,
I've missed hearing from you this week as I'm sure you have missed hearing from me. I did not want to send anything until I knew where you were staying now.

I have a v day bit of something to send you once I hear from you. If I don't hear from you I'll send it to the home office and they can forward it.

Dad and I went to the Elder's quorum prom this weekend and had a great time. You will see Mike Hillman dressed up as cupid. Yes he is a but crazy. This is a body suit that is all mussels.  He wore it at halloween, he was a body builder.  At the end of the night he does take off his wings and "diaper" and streak thru the gym naked. Well the suit is on, but nothing else.  It was so funny. Marissa, his wife was out of town and he came by himself so no one was controlling him, you could say. We went with seven other couples in a stretched hummer limo to dinner and back to the church. We had so much fun, your dad danced and smiled. I really had so much fun.

Landon was recognized for his 3.6 GPA those week.  He gave out a Book of Mormon at school on Thursday.  He and Dallin went to the temple on Thursday morning before school, this was Landon's first time, they get up at 4am to make it there in time.  Landon wore his suit to school and that generated a lot of questions from his friends.  He was able to talk to them about things pretty easy.  He answered all their questions and was able to use Pres. Pedersen's Restoration of the Gospel lesson, that we have been studing.  So it came in really handy. 
Dallin had his first temple prep class yesterday. He is doing well.  He has been really trying to get to a better "place".  He fasted over 24 hours this week and has gone three weeks in a roll to the Thursday morning temple baptisms sessions.  He is studying and praying more and we can see a difference in his whole person.  I am really proud of him trying to become better.  We all fail and have to start again, but starting again is not ever a problem, it is when we feel we can not try that we get lost. 

Today the office is closed. Maybe you won't be able to email home because the libraries are closed. Boy, that will be sad if you can not send an email.   I'll watch to see if you are on email as much as I can, not being in front of my computer will be a bit harder to watch.
Lots of love.