Monday, January 7, 2013

Sister D Letter 1.7.13- "She prayed for my soul."

Happy New Year! and happy late B day to Grandpa DeCoursey. Love you! This week has been quite the turn around. Since the holidays are now over, we have been teaching a lot more lessons than before which is great. We teach a lot of less active members. They are some of the sweetest people I know. They are trying so hard to be good and they want to come back to church but there are just some things that they feel like they can't be forgiven of. It's so sad to see them now understand the power of the Atonement of Christ. He invites all to come unto Him and there is no place better for sinners than at church.

Aren't we all sinners just looking for some encouragement? That's why we go to church. We started teaching a gal this week whose name is Kristina. She is kinda...intimidating. But seriously, she is a baptist and is very strong in her beliefs. Which is fantastic. However, it is always a little awkward when someone prays for your soul. At the end of our lesson, she wanted to pray and in her pray she prayed that we might be able know good from evil and that we might see the light of the truth in all things. Her trying to convert/save us was pretty much the undertone of the whole lesson. She is a super sweet gal and I'm glad to meet someone who is also so strong in their belief's but we will have to see how this weeks lesson goes.

  I'm serving in the Minnetonka area here in Minnesota. It's about 20 miles west of Minneapolis. It is a very beautiful area but cold as I'm sure it is everywhere. I have a huge coat that looks like I've decided to zip a sleeping bag around me and I wear three pairs of gloves at all times. The members here just tell me, "oh, it's only going to get colder." and I'm like thanks guys, that's so great. lol. But I'm really warm in all my getup and so things are great. I feel like I'm in Christmas card town because of how everything looks here. All of the houses look so cozy with the snow on top of everything.

  I loved the pictures you sent me and thanks for all the letters I have gotten so far. They have been a great joy to me. Every week when I'm on to write this letter, Eph is on at the same time so we are able to chat back and forth a little bit which has been great being on email at the same time. Now if only I could hear from my other brothers..... .

But seriously. Hope all is well there. I think of you all often and pray for your well being. Sending love from the frozen, Sister D