Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sister D in Front of the Map at the MTC

                                                                  At MTC in Provo, UT Nov. 28th 2012

Sister D 3.5.13 "Wei's Baptism and Hello Rochester"

Home,                  3.5.13
So transfer calls came today...and I'm going to Rochester to be with one of the sisters there. She name is Sister Pyle and she has been out about 8 months. President said that he thought that I would be able to help strengthen her. So i'm packing again.. I hate packing. But I knew that I wouldn't stay here in Dinkytown for long. Sister Morgan is staying and training TWO new missionaries. She is kinda stressed about it.

I'm glad that there is so much good going on at home. Yay for the baptism and for Zack going on his mission. He will do great. I love that kid. I'm so happy for Jenny that she was able to bring her friend into the church.

My favorite spiritual experience this week was of course the baptism of Wei. She was so nervous before the baptism but afterwards she couldn't stop expressing how happy she felt and how much she knew that the Lord loved her. I could feel that as well. She is such a great girl. Still a little silly 18 year old but has a great spirit about her.

The baptism program ran smoothly until the end when the plug wouldn't come out of the font. So, we tried to go into the water and get the plug without getting too wet. It wasn't until the Elders went in their that the plug came out and that was because they slipped down the stairs and landed in the font. Super funny!
It was a great experience. I'm excited to be moving on to a new area. For the new experiences that I will have there.

Love you all,
Sister D

Elder D 3.5.13 "Greenville, OH"

Mom,                                                    3.5.13
I was just ETed (Emergency Transferred) Greenville. I got here about an hour ago.  I was rather saddened by the call.  I am excited also. 
Everythings fine with me. The reason for the transfer is because of the missionaries that were serving here in Greenville. I don't know what the deal was but I think I'll know later. But I litterally have nothing to work with, I'm in a branch now and this area is huge.
I will write you about this more when I find out. 
Love you,
Elder Eph DeCoursey

Elder D letter home to mom 3.2.13

Dear Mother,                                        3.2.13
I have received both packages and I am so grateful for the picture and the letters.  I will definetly study the Orson Pratt Lesson on Joseph Smith and the Lectures on Faith, so I may use the information on my mission.  I understand that you are desperate for letters from me.

I do my best to write you but lately our P Days have been filled with activities.  First the Air-Force Museum, then the Temple and lately hanging out with the hippies, in Yellow Spring.  .......   where we ate at an Amish Buffet named Der Dutchman.  That place was good.  All the food was grown there by the Amish and they supply this restaurant. 

Since Monday last week, we have found 7 new investigators.  6 of them are solid but they do have their own vices that we will work with them on.  And this last P Day, we as a district, went on a hike (I have pictures) and spent the rest of our time in this town called Yellow Springs. 

Yellow Springs is a town that is definitely hippie town.  They have a lot of import stores.  .......We have a wonderful conversation with the clerks of one of the stores.  People are very nice when you don't judge them.  I think I made a few friends that day.  After Yellow Springs, we had dinner at a place called Young's Dairy.&nbsp Photos of Yellow Springs - Featured Images(This photo of Yellow Springs is courtesy of TripAdvisor)  All the food they have are completely fresh and home grown.  I had me some good buffalo sauce cheese curds, which were very good.  I've also realized my love for Reuben Sandwiches.  If you could send me a simple recipe on how to make Reuben, I would be eternally grateful. 

Let me tell you about the day we found a family of 6 that we found on the 22nd.  We tracted into the Reed's by using a method where, at the doorstop, we asked if we could leave them with a blessing upon their home and family.  They were all for it.  James, the young man at the door, was very excited to see us and when he let us in he collected his family by saying "the Jesus people want to leave a blessing!" James is 21, has a good amount of tattoos, he's been to jail and that's where his path began.  He realized that he was doing wrong and started reading the Bible.  He is now engaged to a girl named Gabrielle who I've already met.  When I was serving in Xenia, we started teaching her cousin, Brandon.   She wasn't interested at that time but shes very engaged in our lessons now. James's mother, Danielle, lives there with him and she is very interested, also her best friend, Amanda and her two children, Brad and Elizabeth. they live in Springfield but they were visiting and they were also very engaged when we shared the restoration with them.  We did so the same day as when we blessed their home.  They loved to hear it and are willing to learn more.  Hurray!!!

Tracting is hard again now that we're on bikes again.   It really is a trial of our faith because we're pretty winded by the time we get anywhere and I put so much energy out just to get out of my shell and talk to people that don't really want me on their doorstep.  It's hard to keep that happy face going when no one wants to just talk.  But I smile any ways.  I keep a happy countenance up and I get to work .  I'm not going to let that get me down or even give up.  I won't give up.  I read the material you send me mom, and I feel ready to go out and share my happiness with others.  My companions are a big help, too.   This is our distric in  Beavercreek. 

Elder Decker is a greeny.  One of the first of the 18 year old out on a mission.  He's big, he's happy, and he 's willing to get the Lord's work done.  He's from Wyoming and has the accent to fit him.  Elder Poulsen is on the last legs of the race.  He has 4 months left and he might just finish out here in Beavercreek with Elder Decker.  He's from Riverside, CA.  He's super up beat and positive about everything. 

I have gotten to do 4 of the 5 baptisms myself.  I know it's better if a member does it but they felt more comfortable if I did it.  I've had such a wonderful journey on my mission and I don't plan to end it there.   The last 2 baptism were for Jane and Andrew C____.  They are Kate W___'s 2 children and they are such a hoot.  Andrew is 10 and reminds me of Father.  He doesn't smile for his pictures.  And Jane is 12.  She is really into cats.  So much so that she related the Gospel to cats, somehow.  I have now helped a family to become complete.  I know that's why I'm still here in Beavercreek.  I am so happy to have helped them to reach closer to their Father in Heaven. 

I'm afraid I must go now.  There's more work to be done.  I will write more letters when I can. 

Elder Ephraim K DeCoursey.