Friday, March 1, 2013

Elder D writes Gpa and ma Brown "Care Package" 2.13. 13

Dear Grandpa and Grandma 2.13.13
I have the care package and I am very grateful for it. I'm sorry I haven't written you back soon. I can only write on P-days and the last few have been very busy. I love the book that you sent me. I think it's awesome! And the shaving cream and deodorant were sorely needed. Thank you so much.

Let me tell you how the mission's going so far. The new goal for baptisms this year is 650. Last year was 500. I've already been able to contribute to 4 of them by the time you get this letter. I will be able to baptize the children of Katie W. That has made them very special to me. I have 5 baptisms so far and I'm only on month 5! The spirit is a very good teacher, if it was not so I would not have had this much success.

Apparently I have a speaking problem. I find it difficult to speak, at all sometimes, when I'm either finding or teaching. It was very frustrating when I first discovered it. It was actually with Elder Daw and Elder Hogan that pointed out that I needed to talk more. After much prayer and fasting, I now feel the Lord's blessings as I testify of this truth! What an amazing feeling it is to be in the hands of the God.

The mission has recently introduced a new door approach that Pres. Nilsen used on his mission in Germany. It has be really received with much success compared to what we use to be doing. We've gotten many new investigators with this format. I've seen many blessings from this. I will send or email a copy of it to mother as soon as I can. I will also be sending it to Amicherie so she can use it also. She will find much success with it.

I'm doing fantastic here! Kind of nervous because transfers are tomorrow but everything will be great. I don't know where I'm going yet or who my companion will be and I won't until tomorrow.b
Well, I have work to do so I must be going. Thank you for all the love and blessings you have sent my way. It was sorely needed.

Elder Ephraim K DeCoursey