Sunday, May 19, 2013

Elder D 5.6 "Elder S"and 5.15.13 " Robin"

His name is Elder S, he's from Utah, he's been serving for 15 months now. He's really fun and nerdy too so we have a lot to talk about. We've been getting along really well and I see nothing keeping us from working well together. Now begins the adventures of Decasta and Scribbles.

Roberta came to church yesterday!! Her and her husband, Jerry, came according to the agreement we made 3 weeks ago! I was so excited I was almost jumping up and down for joy. But we didn't have a normal church service. it was a Stake Conference Broadcast. I don't really know what it was for but it was kinda cool. I really wish that Roberta and Jerry could've gone to a regular service but this was okay. We didn't get to talk to her afterwards because they left real quick. We haven't seen them yet but I would imagine that it will be soon.

Remember Lauren? She works at the library and we've befriended her? We came into the library to do some service and she asked us if we wanted to go out to lunch with us. It was super awesome. Just one step at a time to move towards the next ordinance. She's not investigating the church yet but I hope that our example will help her along.

I recently discovered that one of the members that lives in Xenia got his mission call to the London South mission. Have I told you about Conrad R?  He joined the Church several years ago and his dad come close to disowning him. When Conrad told his dad that he was going on a mission, his dad threw him out and he's been living with his sister since then. But now he has his mission call to England! He called us last night as we finished planning and he sounded so excited! It's so cool to know that people I taught knew in other areas are going on missions too. Also, Conrad leaves for the MTC on September 19! That's my year mark! How exciting! Mom you served your mission in London South also didn't you?  (yes in 1989)
Last night we watched the CES Fireside Broadcast at the G's home. Sister G and her kids are recent converts that love the missionaries and we asked them if we could watch it with them. It was pretty cool. They brought out their bunnies and we played with tem for awhile too.
Anyway that's all. Love you all so much.
-Elder Ephraim Kade Decoursey

So something awesome to share. We have this investigator that is super awesome. Robin is in her 70's and yet still up and moving around. It sufficeth me to say that she has been through a lot. She's agreed to baptism and she avidly reads from the Book of Mormon. It's hard for her to come to Church, however, because with her health it's more of a hit or miss situation. I don't know how she is still alive right now. Anyway, about a month ago we lost contact with her. We've stopped by, filled up her voicemail box. We almost thought that she had died. But lo and behold, we found her! Robin has a friend that is a less active member of the branch. Elder S and I went to see her to see if she knew anything about Robin. She told us that around the time that we had lost contact with her she had snapped her leg in half at a McDonald's and is now in a health care center in a town about 30 minutes north from Greenville. She told us that Robin had been wanting to tell us about what happened but there was no way she could get contact with us. What a miracle!! That same day we drove the long way up just to see her. She was so happy to see us and us to see her. My fears have been calmed and God has granted us with Robin yet again. She still wants to come to church but, unfortunately, the nurses told her that she wont be going anywhere for 3 to 6 months. I pray that God will grant her the ability to heal quickly from this injury. I know that Robin is such a wonderful person and I know that God will grant her the things she most desires.
We were working up in another village in the area and as we were walking downtown, we saw these tiger statues in front of certain stores. They look like they were designed to have a theme with the store that they were in front of, except for the bedazzled tiger that was in front of the insurance office. But the rest made sense. I thought they were pretty cool so I got pictures of them.
I love my mother with all my heart. She has been such a great influence for good for me on my mission. No matter where I am, she always seems to teach me more. She has helped me throughout my entire life and now I am paying her back by putting what she taught me to use on my mission. If it wasn't for her example, I would not have been the amazing person that I am now. Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I love you so much.
From your hero,
Elder Ephraim Kade DeCoursey