Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Elder D new pictures 1.2.13

I think I got the hang of this picture thing. Here are some pictures that I want you to see before I send home my SD card so you can make some hard copies with it.

1. Me and Elder Thompson
2. My District
3. Me and Elder Vickory
4. Me and Elder Moe (or Able)
5. Look at the background in this picture. That is Elder Nelson. He's serving in Norway
6. Me, Elder Maughan, Brother Wilson and Kate Wilson. My first baptism and confirmation.
7. My awesome zone.
8. Look at the snow!

That's all I will send for now. There's more but it will come with the SD card through the mail soon. As well as mother's present.


Elder D letter 12.31.12 Baptism of Kate W

Hello Family and Friends,

I want to thank you all for all the letters, cards, and love that you have all given me. I have felt all your prayers and I pray for you as well. You all should send me more pictures and hand written letters.

The baptism of Kate W.... was so spiritual. I am so blessed to have a baptism under my belt so early on my mission. We have another investigator on date for the 12. I know he knows that baptism is necessary and he is almost ready. I can feel that he is ready for the Gospel and the Holy Ghost.
This past week wasn't very successful. Probably one of my worst. But it will be ok. I will be able to bring it up when I get a new companion soon. Transfers is this Thursday. I don't know if I'll be transferred or not. I better not because this area is doing really good.

Once again before I close write me more letters or send me some pictures. I've been feeling down lately and these letters would really help me.
Love, Elder Ephraim Kade DeCoursey

Sister D letter 12.31.2012 - "Ma's voice telling me..."

Hello Family and Friends,

This week has been a rough one. Mostly because of the holidays, we found that everyone was really busy with family and friends, so it was a lot of tracting and not a lot of teaching. I found that something that I'm going to have to get used to. I'm much more comfortable not feeling like I'm a salesmen knocking on doors because I appear, or at least I feel like I appear to want to "sell them" the gospel. This is definitely something that I'm working on because I figure I'm going to be doing a lot of it so I should get used to it. Mostly, I don't enjoy it at night because, you know, we are walking around in the city at night and all I can hear is ma's voice telling me all the ways that this is not safe. So, I will have to be more willing to know that the Lord will protect me if I follow His guidance.

On Saturday, we had a member dinner with the Morse family. A family that just moved in from Utah. They are the sweetest! She took some pictures of us and sent them to you (ma) in an email.

I hope that you got them. She has been taking such good care of us sisters. She gave some VERY nice boots because they didn't fit her anymore and now my feet are super warm. It truly is a blessing because the other boots I bought weren't as water proof as I thought so I'm very grateful to her and her sweet family.

Other than that, we are just working on getting a few more lessons and we are checking up on old contacts that other missionaries have had with the church. Hopefully we will be blessed in our efforts. I'm learning that just going out and being on the Lord's errand is a great experience and hopefully I can continue to have a good attitude towards the work that this truly is. Because I know that it is true and I know that the gospel is just waiting to bless everyone's life. I have to think of everyone as my brother's and sister's and how I would want them as such to enjoy the same joy that I receive from being a member of this church.

Love you all,

Sister D