Friday, November 9, 2012

Elder D 11/5/2012- "3 NEW INVESTIGATORS"

Dear friends and family of Kennewick, WA and beyond

It has been 8 weeks since I left to serve the Lord and I am happy to say that it is the greatest decission I have ever made this far in my life. I love the ward here in Beaver Creek and my companion. You know what would be awesome? Letters. That would really help out.
WE FOUND 3 NEW INVESTIGATORS THIS WEEK!! Just when I thought that this place had hard hearts, we find 3 of God's children who are ready receive the restored gospel! I am so excited! We just need to meet with them now. And I think I will be here for multiple transfers (1 transfer = 6 weeks) so I hopefully will be here to see them be baptized and confirmed. Man I'm so happy.
My companion has TMJ, or tight jaw muscles, so we've been staying in the apartment almost all this week. He's in a lot of pain and I 'm doing a lot of studying. Awesome, right?
  Almost all the members work on the air force base so I get to know a lot about plans and stuff. I like it when some of the say they're analists because that means that they are working in some top secret stuff.
That's pretty much it for this last week. Talk to you next week.
Elder Ephraim Kade DeCoursey

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