Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sister D letter 2.4.13 "Georgia Jensen and daughter"

Dear Home,

We were able to teach some really good people and set a baptism date with one of our investigators. Her name is Georgia Jensen she is in her late 60's and is going through chemo right now for cancer. She can't wait to feel better so that she can come to church and once her rounds of chemo are done she is going to be baptized along with her adult daughter. One of her daughters that lives in California is already a member. She has such amazing faith that has helped her through this time. She is probably my favorite person we are teaching. She is from PA and has the cutest accent. Sister Fisher says I sound just like her which of course I was thrilled about because she sounds so sassy and down to earth. Anyways, this week we are starting a Book of Mormon book club with her and some of the members that are in her apartment building. Each week, we are going to meet and read a story from the Book of Mormon and study it together. I'm pretty excited about it. I always wanted to be in a book club and now I can with all of these sweet women who consider me their granddaughter. It's pretty awesome.

We weren't able to meet this week with Kristina because our car wouldn't start.. it was pretty lame. Next week, we will have a member of the bishopric there with us who is very knowledgeable of the scriptures so I'm excited about that. She is such an awesome person. I'm both intimidated and fascinated by her. She is not afraid to get to the bottom of a doctrine and is just searching for truth. We have had some really great Bible and Book of Mormon discussion about how the two books truly do work together and both testify of Christ. It has been a great learning experience for me and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have my testimony grow.

Thanks to Gma and Gpa Brown for the care package and letters! I will want to see a picture of the puppy you get! I have enjoyed getting the postcards from the family. I got letters from Josi, Dad, and the boys. So thanks for those. Be looking for replies soon!

Hope all is well.

Love from the frozen,

Sister D

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