Monday, April 29, 2013

Sister D 4.29.13 "Minnesota is rejoicing"

Dear home,

Life is good. The sun has decided to show up for the first time and the whole state of Minnesota is rejoicing. Never have I seen so many people outside but I think that could just be because they were all in hibernation. Which I don't blame them. But, now this is like a whole new place.

We spent some hours painting this weekend and Adri was able to come with us. Oh, how I like her. She is so fun to be around that I wish that we could be better friends now but I'm too busy with missionary stuff. So, it's all good. She is slowly finding some friends here in the ward besides the members that she lives with. so that's great.

We will be moving into our apartment this week if I have to eat from one plate and sleep on the floor. Ok, we have beds and we bought paper plates today, so it's fine. We are very anxious to move in, if you could already tell. :)

Hope all is well there,

Love from the slightly frozen still,

Sister D

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