Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sister D Three weeks worth.

Due to some illness I was not able to update the blog for a few weeks.  So here is the last three emails I got from Amicherie. 

Dear home,

This week has been a blur. With General Conference this weekend and then I was sick earlier in the week. The days went by so terribly fast but that's a good thing, right? I loved reading about your experiences in Salt Lake. I too wish I could have been there. But I was watching the same speakers. So, no matter the distance it still felt like we were watching it at home together.
Eph wrote about the power of prayer this week and I would like to echo his thoughts. I too have had moments on my mission when things have seemed to hard and thoughts of giving up have seemed like a sweet release. But it has been through prayer to my loving Heavenly Father that have helped me to stay strong and remember that I'm out here to do great things. Dad wrote me an email a few weeks ago and I keep a quote from it in my planner to look at when feeling down. It reads" Don't forget what you are there to do, the work is greater than all of us. It's the Lord's work and He will make you equal to the challenge. Hang in there kiddo" I know that just like my father here on earth that my Heavenly Father is helping me to continue on and wants me to succeed.

Love you all,
Sister D

No tranfers for this missionary. We are staying in the same area and I am staying with Sister Pyle. Things should be great.

We were able to teach Adri twice this last week and she is progressing really well. She is dead set on getting baptized on May 25th. We talked with her about the word of wisdom and committed her then and there to stop smoking and to change her life for the better. She agreed to do it and has been keeping it up amid the challenges that have come her way. She told us at our lesson on Sunday that she was having a really hard day at work on Saturday. She was so frustrated that she was just going to bum one smoke off of her co worker and no one would be the wiser. However, right as she was going to ask the said co worker, we just happened to text her reminding her about our appt the next day. She was so surprised that she didn't end up asking her co worker and is now still on the path to overcoming that addiction. We talked with her about moving up her baptism date because she could be ready to be baptized sooner than May 25th. But she still wants to get baptized on that day because it is her son's birthday and that would mean a lot more to her. I agree that becoming a new person by being baptized will be special and it would just mean more to her to get baptized on that day. Plus, now that I'm not getting transferred, I get to be apart of her baptism. YAY.

Talk to you next week,

Love sister D

This week has been one snow storm after another. It's pretty insane.

Guess what? Adri moved her baptism date up a week! She moved it because she wants the member she lives with to baptize her and he was going to be gone on the 25th. She is very excited for the baptism and nervous all at the same time. I'm very blessed to be a part of her conversion. As she grows closer to the Lord, I can see the light of Christ in her that reminds me why I love this gospel so much. She is pretty much my favorite person ever. She is sad that after I leave here we won't be able to keep in close contact until I'm off of my mission. I can't wait until that day when I'm at home and I'm able to get in touch with all the people that I have met here.

I hope all is well there at home!

Love you

Sister D

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