Thursday, February 21, 2013

Elder D 2.21.13 "Jane Craig became a member"

Mom,                                 2.21.13
It's been kind of a long week. I'm solely in Beavercreek now without Elder Daw or Elder Hogan (sad face). But I am still in a tri with an elder training one of the first 18 year old elder's in the mission!!!!! Elder Poulsen is training Elder Decker. It is really fun.

Also there are sisters in the ward as well so Beavercreek has 5 missionaries serving there. It really isn't that big but we are making it work.

I've been super stressed this past week. The work is starting to fit together now so there's an upside to that. This Saturday I am baptizing Kate W.......'s (my first baptism) kids, Jane and Andrew. "I'm dunking both of them." I will have 5 baptisms already. I'm shooting for more than 21 before I'm all done. But it's not about the numbers. I should be online on Monday so we will be able to chat back and forth.

I wanted to send you this video.  Haa! It's so funny. I have this video for you from our last district activity. Our District Leader was doing an activity on being prepared with the Book of Mormon. I am racing Elder Hogan who's wearing regular running shoes while I'm in flippers. Well it seems I can't attach it to this email so you will see it when I send it home.

Jane Cr... did become a member of the church. I was so excited I was jumping for joy. She was so golden. I forgot my camera so I didn't have any pictures from the baptism. I can get them from the other missionaries. I would love to tell you more about them but I must be going.

But do please send me more on Lectures on Faith chapter 4.  Loved chapter 3.
I love you,
Elder DeCoursey

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