Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Letter from Mom about home. 2.8.13

Hi missionaries,
I surely hope you are well. I hope that the weather is not to much of a distraction from your work. Eph, talking about work, can you give me some detail on how the baptism went this weekend. I would love to have pictures. Remember you two that as soon as you get a few months of pictures on your memory cards send them back to me. Eph, I got your's and will send it in the Vday box. These pictures I upload to the blog and family loves to see them. So sending it often is not a problem. And if for some reason it was to get lost or damaged before I get it, it will only be a few pictures compared to 6 months worth, Eph I am going to be sending you some postage stamps also. I will let you know how much to put ont he bubble wrap package to send the Altoid box back with the memory card in it. Okay. Sis I will let you know also, so don't have to go to the post office to mail it, just drop it in any out going mail box.
Question, I have a hard time remembering if I have sent you things sometimes. I write them up ready to send out, and sometimes I think I have not yet. Can you tell me if you got the 2nd letter about Pres. Pedersen yet, when he was starting his mission and the things that happened to him after he read the Book of Mormon thru? If I have not will you let me know and I will get that mailed out. Did I send you one on prayer? I don't think I have.
We are all studing the lesson that Pres. Pedersen used on his mission of Orson Pratts. We are memorizing where the scriptures are and what they say. There are only 7 so we should have this down soon.
Urgent you dad wants to know what your favorite scripture is so we can put that on the plaques we are getting made of each of you. Eph I still need a better picture. You are in a car now, could you just stop by anywhere and get a photo done, or try to take it again. I appreciate the effort.
Also did I send to you the whole armor of God boy and girl?  ......
Eph did you get the continued story of Eph Hanks? and if so have you learned a few things about him? Please let me know your thougths on what impresses you about him. Sis do you want me to send you these also? Have I sent you any of his stories yet?
Home is good. Dad is getting sick, first time in over 8 year I think. He is not to bad yet, but this flu out here is really awful. Falina's baby is still in Seattle on life support. No update on that. We have started collecting resumes to hire someone else.
Blake and Masen both won at District's in Wrestling.  
Dallin meet with the Bishop today for his birthday interview. Bishop talked to him about working on his mission papers here soon. So we have set May 15th to have them in. 
Landon will begin driver's training on Tuesday.   He has to get his permit so we can start practicing.
Grandpa and ma's new got Betty.  Betty is so cute, that is the puppies name. I have attached a picture of her. The boys had to babysit her at gma's all weekend because they were in Spokane at the Regional Tournament. Betty had not got all her shots and she can not be around other dogs until she does. When that happens we hope we will get to watch here her at the house.
I am going to be talking in women's stake conference on Saturday the 23rd. I am talking about the book by Joseph Smith on his Lectures on Faith. I will send another email with that on there. It is really powerful to read this small little 7 lectures and see how much I am learning about faith. I will also mail a copy out for you. Are you both getting sick of the info I send you on missionary work, faith, and uplifting stories? Is it distracting? I don't want to do that. I have collected all those post cards and have mailed them out as often as I think I should.
Derek's address until 20th of Feb is : SN Hansen, Derek R. , .........
He will be graduating on the 22nd and moving to San Deigo, CA next. He got into a program that only 3 where chosen. We are proud of him.
Eph here is Bram Holladay's address, you may think of writing him a note also. Elder Bram Holladay, .........
Not much else to report. In church today a new couple that has just moved in talked, and one of them said that the Beatitudes of Jesus in the Bible is a road map for a perfect life, or one as close as we can present. Remember we can be perfect in one things, perfectly repentant.
Remember Secerts destory us.
Sis did you get that chapter from the Delievery Me from Bondage It was on relying on Him that will never let you down, and trusting in him. I sent that to help you with working with your companion. Eph if you would like a copy I can send you one too.
Sweet day I hope for each of you. Just think in three months I will get to talk with you each again. Mother's day is not to far off.
Eph I gave sis the assignment of looking up the term Refine in the scriptures, and then find out how metal workers use this refining in their work with silver. It is the process we go thru all our lifes. But especially now where you both are.
I love you both,
Your mom.
PS aren't the little faces great. Google has this feature that I found.

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