Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sister D 2.11.13 Transfered to Dinkytown, MN

Hello Home!
I was transferred this morning to Dinkytown.  It is the area on campus at the U of M, I only found out yesterday! So, I'm a little shocked still, Ma, I will try to send pictures next week.  I'm still not unpacked.  You have sent me all of the Pres. Pedersen stories, and the armor of God cut outs of the boy and girl.  Yes I would love to have them laminated one, and yes I have gotten everything that you have sent me and have loved it all.  I enjoyed the Orsen Pratt pamphlet about Joseph Smith. I was sad that you only sent the first 4 pages, please send it all.  So, yes please send more.  It is defiantly not distracting.  I also did look up the refiners fire but not as much as I should have.  So, I will report more on that next week.

Things were going great in Minnetonka.  We have three people committed to baptism and they would have all been at church on Sunday, but there was a big snow storm and church was cancelled.  :(   I was only able to say goodbye to a few of them.  But things were in better shape than when Sister Fisher and I got there.  So that makes me feel really good. 

Not much to say, here in Dinkytown, yes it is a real place, we don't have a car and walk about 6-10 miles a day on average.  It is going to be completely different than the other area but I'm super excited.  I will have a lot more to say next week and will have pictures. 

Love you all,
Sister D

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