Saturday, March 30, 2013

Elder D 3.28.13 "Mama C"

Greenville OH Library poster- yes that is me!
Boy howdy is Ohio super!
I love this great and rich land.  I also love all the people that I have come into contact with in my service to the Lord. Mama C being on of them. She is a member of the branch here in Greenville and she is so much fun. She really is the area mother for the missionaries. She is a short plump woman, about 37, and just has the most incredible spirit around her. Whenever we don't have a dinner (which is more often than you think) she is always willing to feed us. And she will teach us how to make the meal ourselves so we can make it as we do our missionary things. And she's such a hoot.
I have reached the hump day. I have been serving the Lord for 6 months now. I burned a tie to mark this moment. Honestly I never thought I would've made it this long. There has been times when I've thought about giving up. A mission is hard. But I've realized that nothing easily obtained in this life is easy. The blessing of devoting 2 years of my life to the Lord has been worth while and I would never trade the experiences I have had with those I have come to love.
I love Elder Riggs so much. We are always having a blast. We're both tremendous goobs. We are always getting in to Nerf battles and snowball fights. We talk a lot about whatever comes to mind. Sometimes, our topic turns to deep doctrine and it's neat to see how we both think about eternity and such. He will talk about home a lot and how he's scared and excited to go back into the world. That's not getting trunky but it's ok to be every now and again.

We have a lot of music that we listen to when we take long trips to meetings or going from village to village in our area. We've been listening to all the Pokemon songs that we have and it's crazy how closely they relate to the missionary lifestyle. Songs of companionship's, transfers, teaching, training, and other such topics. We also have some music by an artist named La Cray whose a really clean Christian rapper. He's not a member of the Church but a lot of what he says relates closely to what we believe. He has a song about missionaries called "Go Hard or Go Home".  Another of his songs, he argues with temptation. It's just awesome.

Elder Riggs is not trunky. He wont let himself be. We'll talk about home together but that doesn't necessarily mean that he wont work. We've actually been having some success with the plans that we make. We are meeting a lot of less active members of the branch now and have helped with what they've needed.
We have 2 investigators that we are really working with. Nikki is a part member that is pretty much a member. She just needs to get over the Book of Mormon and jump in the water. Brandi is much more delicate. Elders were being sort a pushy with her, so we just want to fix the relationship between us and her. she doesn't hate us. In fact her kids love us. We made a cake for her daughter's birthday on Monday. Other than that, We've been meeting with a lot of less active members of the branch. Things are picking up but we feel that we have a lot of bridges to fix and tread lightly.

This picture is of the oldest Bridge in OH.  What a great Sunset.

I was not online yesterday because the weather had been snowing since church on Sunday, which was about 10 am, and the library was closed all day. Also, as a district, we went to the Air Force Museum again. That was a lot of fun. I love my district now.

Elder Ephraim Kade DeCoursey

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