Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Elder D 4.1.13 "Mission Spliting...where will I be assigned?"

Family and Friends,

Good Day to my homeland. I love you all so much. During this Easter holiday, I've had time to reflect on the Savior and his Atonement and Resurrection. Never before had I thought so deeply of the love that He had for us to take upon Him, the Perfect Son of God, all of the sins and the mistakes that we have made so that we may return to the Fathers presence. Such love. Such mercy. He didn't have to do it. He had the ability to quit when it got hard. But it had to be done. Just imagine what the angel said to Jesus as he suffered in the garden.
 I am so happy for His grace and love for each and everyone of us.  So last week, our district went back to the Air Force Museum on Monday for a few hours. I got a picture in a space suit, we used the flight simulator which was awesome, and just looked around at all the stuff. There had been some new exhibits since I was there last time. It also had snowed from Sunday thru Tuesday so we have a lot of snow. Ohio has crazy weather. One minute it's a blizzard. You turn around for 1 minute and there's sunshine and the snow's melted away. But thankfully, Ohio has realized that it's spring and there needs to be more sunshine. It feels so good not to wear a suit coat anymore,
We found a new investigator last week! It had been a while since we had found someone and so we are very happy. Lynn is a very religious woman who needed help moving. So we helped and she loved it. She had apparently been talking to the missionaries before us for sometime. I really pray that she will even want to learn more about the Church.
For Easter Sunday yesterday, we had a lot of plastic eggs and lots of candy so we decided to decorate them and fill them with a picture of Jesus and M&M's. We drew a tie and name tag on the face of the eggs, then we handed them all out to all the members of the branch. They loved it! The whole branch loves us and we love them. I'll need to get a picture with them before I am transferred.
I've been holding this bit of info back for a while now but I feel that now is the time to share it. Because of all the new missionaries coming out in the field soon, our mission would have way to many Elders and Sisters in the Great Ohio Columbus Mission by the end of the year. So we have agreed to split the mission and the Cincinnati Mission shall rise again. I have no idea where I will be. The zone I am currently in will become part of that mission but I have no idea what will happen. I do know that it will happen in July but I don't know what mission I will be going to. I feel as if I will be going to the Cincinnati Mission and if that's where the Lord needs me then I will go with a glad heart. But I really want to stay in the Ohio Columbus mission. I was called to serve here. But like I said, I will be happy where ever I am sent.
Love you all. Have a happy spring break.
Love Elder Ephraim Kade DeCoursey
Monster from Ohio
The Ground Monster...We found this while tracting. It's pretty intense. I fought it. I'm not sure who won, though.

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