Friday, March 22, 2013

Letter from Mom 3.3.136

Hi sweet missionaries,
We watched the clock yesterday as we have for several Saturdays lately. We know that sis was to have her first baptism and this is the first week that Eph has not had a baptism for nearly a month. Each Saturday afternoon we count a head four hours for Eph's time, and three for sisters, just to be thinking about where you are each at and what you are doing. At night when we says our prayers we know that you are fast asleep, but it give me comfort to know your time of day. We went to a baptism yesterday of Jenny Yale's boyfriend. B Conner A. It was good. Zack R was there and he told us his one year anniversary of his baptism is today. He invited dad and I today to go with him to the temple in a few weeks. He leaves sometime in the next few months for New Mexico for his mission. His sister got baptised not too long ago also. So we are excited to see what happens with his family.
Your brother Landon bore his testimony today. It was very pure and heart felt. He is really trying to have the spirit with him all the time. He only listens to gospel based music now, and prays often during the day. He got put in as Pres. of Teachers quorum today and I think he will do a good job. Dallin has his Eagle court of honor scheduled for the 24th of March. We will send you pictures when we have it. We start out Weight Watcher diet tomorrow and pray for his success. How are you doing sister on this area? Do you even have time to think about that?
I want each of you to not worry about emailing back and forth with me when you get on. I want you to write your mission pres. first and then you can tell me if you have time to talk. I think it probably is really distracting to have me interrupt you when you are trying to do that.
Dad finished the book "continues Atonement" by Bradley Wilcox. He was the one that wrote that talk about His Grace. Sis did you get a copy of that? If not you really need to have me send it to you. As you are talking to others about forgiveness this talk is great at explaining how Jesus's Grace does make use worth of returning home. It gives an analogy of the child learning to play the piano and how the child can never repay the mom for paying for the lessons, but the mom does not want the child to repay her back, she wants to give this gift to the child. She just wants the child to practise. She does not expect him to be a master at the piano quickly, but enjoy the journey and to keep trying when it gets hard, or when a mistake is a challenge to overcome. To not give up- or not to practice- for then her gift of lessons is wasted. The payment has been paid, even if the child refuses to practice or show up for the lesson. Do you each need me to resend that?
Anyhow dad has absolutely loved the book. In fact he is going to get me my own copy, since I like to mark up the books as i read them, and we are going to start studying as a family the book. I will send you thought from it as I read it. Your dad is in a really go place right now. He is really striving to have the spirit with him, he is reading - which in that fact alone is something. I am really proud of him. He is getting stronger and stronger all the time.
We are planning on going to SLC this April to hear from Pres. P at dad's mission reunion. We are going to take the boys so they can hear Pres. also. We have Tracy and Yubron as well as Gpa and Gma DeCoursey over for a turkey dinner tonight and your dad read them the account of Pres. conversion experience with the Methodist Minister Bro. McM. Then we ready the Orson Pratt lesson that Pres gave at that conference. Tracy want to have it to translate into Spanish.
I am loving nursery. I enjoy the children. I actually got one of the girls that is new in our ward to finally talk and another to start singing and another to sit on my lap. I read to them and we play games. My new game is "parachute" I bought a big piece of light weight fabric and we lift it up and down. we put balls in the middle of it and they roll around and then fall off. It is fun for them and I think they will enjoy that as an added addition to our nursery.
Dogs are good. They were in tonight for a while. Butch loves attention, Maggie tolerates it.
Daniel M leaves in 31 days for his mission in Brazil. Derek just got moved to San Diego this last week. I don't have his current address yet, but when I do I will let you know. Cody McCarry is engaged to Chelsie H, Britney H older sister? Do you know her? They will be married in May. Dillian Titus leaves here soon for his mission. I cannot remember where. Jared N was called to ....Brazil for his mission. He leaves in July. He graduates in June.
Chelsie is in Hawaii for the next 10 days, I am taking all of Spring Break off, even if we just stay home. ...We hired a new receptionist and I think she will work out. She is 50, LDS, mother of 6, only two at home, same age as Lou and Dallin. She saw Gpa at the temple the day she interviewed and Dad felt she was going to be a the one to hire. And we did. Falina's baby is doing better and we are waiting for her to come home. We heard one more month on Monday, but by Thursday they were thinking two more weeks is all. So she is doing much better- the baby.
Dr.  D is due with her baby girl here soon. I have seen Dr D at least 7 times since Dec. with my illnesses, and Dallins doctor appointments. She said she was getting a bit scared. She is due in 4 weeks.
Sister F. is having another baby in Aug I think. Mitchel got his driver's license and is now having to drive his little sisters around. He was stuck in the court club about 25 minutes waiting for them to come out of the girls bathroom. Since he had no one to go in and get them. That was not fun.
We send our love. We are so happy that you are both happy. LOVE is the only way to bring the spirit in to any situation. even if it is a evil situation you find yourself in, the spirit will always guide you if you try and see the good in them. Eph doesn't your P Blessing tell you that you will be able to see the good in others when they can not even see it in themselves?
Have a great week.
I am sorry I have been demanding of your time, I know you are busy about the Lords work. I would however like to have Amicherie send me her MTC map picture please.
your mom.
From Amicherie.....
MA!! Don't be silly. I always have time to write president and talk with you? Why do you think that I won't have time for both? What makes you think that you would be taking up my time? This is the ONLY time I have to talk with you and it is very precious and important to me that we are able to write back and forth.

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