Friday, March 15, 2013

Sister D 3.11.13 "Sister Pyle"

Dear Family and Friends,

I'm now located in Rochester, MN. It is a pretty decent sized town. Pretty much everyone works at the Mayo clinic here, (it's some sort of hospital/research place). When I came in we were teaching only one person and then spending the rest of our time out tracking, trying to find new people to teach. It's a lot different than my other areas I have been in. When people say that Mormons are a peculiar people, they were talking about the Mormons here in Rochester, MN. Seriously, it's creepy sometimes.

My new companion is great. Her name is Sister Pyle and she is from Brownsville, OR. We have been getting along great. It must a NW thing.
We live with the Bishop here in Rochester.  We have one room, one shelf in the refrigerator and cupboard.  Very different than having the whole basement- (first area), or a whole apartment -(2nd area). 
We had a huge snow storm last night and woke up to tons of snow. 10 inches is quite a lot. Our car has to go into the shop for some repairs so we will be without the car for the next two days. 

Breaking news! My mission president said that we can now email friends from home so I can email anyone how wants to email me. That's different than before maybe they are trying to save postage? Whatever.  My email is

Love from the frozen and snowed in,

Sister D



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