Friday, March 15, 2013

Elder D 3.11.13 "Celebration for the Misson"

   This is Elder Riggs. He's been out for 22 months. He was trained in Beavercreek/ Xenia so we know a lot of the same people. He's from Orem, Utah.
And this is me burning a couch last night while wearing my new $4 suit I got at Goodwill. Why not burn a couch? It was a members and they wanted to burn it so they asked if we wanted to join in so of course we said yes.
I love my new area! There are at least 60 active members in the branch and I met them all on Sunday. They love us. We gave talks ( I used my Farewell talk) and that really got their attention towards us.
I got a GPS last week, since our area is so large.  It is over two counties.  I put in all of the members addresses and it really helps us.  And since both of us don't know the area at all, it was necessary. 
 These Statue are in the town all around. 

Look! he's painting me pulling off a Captain Morgan stance! It's not as good as I would want it to be. I was trying not to fall off my balance.
The reason that I'm on so late than usual is because we had a party as a mission up in Columbus to celebrate our success last year.  We just got home, it is 8pm.  It was a great day to spend it with all the missionaries.
It is fantastic that Dallin is making the steps necessary to serve a mission. I wish I had taken more of the mission prep classes before I left. But I learn best on the job. Tell him I am proud of him. 

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