Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sister D 4.1.13 "I'm usually not a crier"

Happy April Fools day,

I was not able to do any tricks today because it is really hard to do a trick on someone who you live with all the time....maybe I will come up with something by the end of the night. Plus, I'm on the recovery from a flair up that I had this weekend. Started Friday and is finally getting better today. Sister P wouldn't let me drive, which was probably the best option. lol.

We moved into yet another home this week. We were only in the other one for 6 days and will be in this home for about a week and a bit. Spring is slowly coming here. It actually rained instead of snowed! So that was great. Minnesota is getting an April fools of it's own because we had weather in

the 40's all last week :) ...and then today it's barely 30 and should be that way for the rest of the week. I don't believe that it is April because of all the snow that is still on the ground. This place is slightly insane. Oh and the home that I live in is the White's. The White's have a son named Dan and Dan married Tessa Peterson (in HHH ward) last year. So, sister white was showing me around her house and I was shocked to see a picture of someone back at home. We came to find out that we were both eating in Yoplicity at the same time around when they were married. The whites were super stoaked. Oh what a small mormon world it is!

We taught an amazing girl this last Wednesday. Her name is Adri and she has a young adult who has been through a lot in her life. She is recovering from about every addiction that you can think of and has been 5 months sober! She is doing great. She told us about how she has been looking for a church where she can feel at home ever since she sobered up. And that has been her experience ever since she moved in with members and has been coming to our ward. She loves it there and is really searching to find out if the gospel is true. We invited her to be baptized on May 25th. After we extended the invitation, she started to cry and the spirit was so strong because May 25th just so happens to be her sons birthday and because we were lead to pick that day, it meant a whole lot to her. She is really a great gal. We teach her on Tuesday and it should be great. I'm usually not a crier but the spirit was so strong that we cried together as I testified of the peace that will come into her life as she comes to accept this gospel. Things are looking up here in Rochester.

I had a lot of pics to send...but then I left my camera at home! Sorry! I will be better next week.

Love you all,

Sister D

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