Thursday, February 28, 2013

Landon writes to his brother and sister 2.25.13

Dear Eph and Amicherie,
Every Thursday me and Dallin go to the temple, it is such an awesome experience and I feel the spirit there always it’s truly a place where Christ has walk and a literal house of God. I've been able to hand out two Books of Mormon, it’s a direct relation of temple blessings I am so grateful for the accessibility of the temple and the peace it brings into our life’s, Also seminary is so awesome I LOVE it, last Friday Kendell Lee gave a beautiful devotional in which we heard a talk by President Eying about how we can overcome our trials with faith in Christ and grow from them, I felt the spirit so strong my hand were shaken as I wrought in my journal that class . I know that my redeemer lives and he will always love me and lift me up if I take his hand.
Also I've been called to be teachers quorum president. Also I’m thankful your teaching that gospel to our fellow brothers and sisters. Also I've started drivers ed and now have my permit. I love you and now that I am child of God and I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and he restored the gospel of Jesus Christ through faith and revelation and love .
Love, Louie 
This is mom, he left out details. So if you want details on his book of mormon experiences and driving experiences you must send them to me--hint Eph--. It is no fun knowing that he gave two out, but to whom, and how did it all happen. One was a teacher. So details make it more interesting don 't you think?!! (smiling with a tease to get you to write your mom). I quess Eph I am the one asking over and over again for letters, sorry but I can relate to you.

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