Thursday, February 28, 2013

Letter From one Brother to another 2.25.13

 -- Ephraim,
Hows the mission going? I hear you are doing really well and are become an awesome missionary. Eph you always were an example to me and I love you so much. I never really showed how much I loved and appreciated you but know that I do and I cant wait to be your fellow Elder in the misson field. I am working on my papers right now and have a goal to put my papers in before May.
I have been going to the temple every Thursday for baptisms for the dead. I started temple prep last week and i start mission prep in March. Today I had my eagle scout board of revue. I am going to be an Eagle Scout!!! I am so excited and glad that I was able to get this done on time.
I collected old Cell phones and gave them to a battered women's shelter so that they have access to 911 at an time. High School is going good. I'm passing all my classes and love seminary.
I am my seminaries class president. I get the class rolling and start the class. I am now the priest quorum 1st assistant. I Have been praying to be able to fell the spirit more in my life and to be able to recognize it. In seminary Kendell Lee showed a Mormon Message video called Mountain to climb. It talks about over coming our adversity and no matter how difficult our trials our are the lord will never forget us and there is always a way to over come them. I felt the spirit so strong and that was the first time in a long while that I was able to truly feel the spirit. I know that this is the only true church on the face of the earth. I know that Joseph smith is a prophet of the lord. The book of Mormon is the most correct book on the face of the earth. I know that God knows that I know and I cannot deny it. I love the lord and I love my savior. Simple as that.
Love ya Big Bro-
Dallin Dale DeCoursey

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