Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sister D 2.25.13 "Baptism Scheduled"

I have sent a few pictures this week.  The Sisters in Eagan area after they exchanged with us for the day and the stuff we bought at the U of M store. My companion is Sister Morgan the farthest on the right. The four sisters in this area went to University of Minneasota to get our sweatshirts.  We are all very happy with them. My companion Sister Morgan is on the far right in the grey one.

I have included a few pictures of our appartment.  Our heater is broken in the apartment.  It hasn't been too bad. We just wear sweatshirts around the apartment. Plus we aren't there very much.

You may want to accuse me of not making my bed...Why would I take a picture of the room without making my bed first. lol. That blanket keeps me super warm. I love it. and by the way, yes I did get the V day package! Yay for my hymn book! I loved the articles of faith flip book thing.
And lastly is the Minneasota Temple. 
Mom asked me about singing. Yes. I sang last week at the Zone Conference. It was really nice and President loved it. So that was cool. and I'm singing for a sister's only conference that we are having this thursday. 
We are teaching lots of great people here in Dinkytown. I love the atmosphere here because it is a college campus. Sometimes it can be a little sketchy but most of the time it's really fun. I have learned so much about other religions because people are more than willing to share what they know and it's really fun to hear the kinds of things that they have to say. Like, we meet a lot of muslim people and to hear about the Koran and to hear their opinions on religion is fanisating.
We have a baptism this saturday. Wei is an 18 year old gal from China and is super cute. It will be interesting to see how she will influnce the people back in China who can't hear the gospel. Appartently, her mom back in China has been going to these underground mormon meetings because the religion is not allowed so people of the faith get together and just talk about things. Kinda cool.
That's about it for last week. The weather has been warmer.
Nothing below 0 lately so that's great.
Love you all and thanks boys for the letters,
Sister D

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